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We are two brothers local to Southern Utah. Having gained experience of doing pest control in 7 states for a combination of 10 years, we understand every aspect of the industry. 

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Combining our deeply aligned core values of honesty and integrity, we’ve condensed all of our knowledge and created a vision of what the true values of pest control should be, Vision Pest Solutions was born.

We believe in loyalty to our customers, without them, we would be nothing. We deeply appreciate each and every individual who supports us. We are fully committed to serving our customers’ needs through honesty and integrity. We have NO contracts with tricky fine print, open and honest communication, and a consistent service tailored to be highly effective yet economical. We stand behind our work and fully guarantee our promises through our warranty.

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Proudly Offering Pest Control Cedar City Utah

Residential Pest Control Cedar City Utah

Pests invading your home can be frustrating. Let us help you keep your family safe from spiders, scorpions, ants, roaches, mice, ect. Call in for a free quote. We offer the best pest control services in Cedar City Utah.

Commercial Pest Control Cedar City Utah

Pests aren’t something that only happens at home. They can also be found on your business property. Depending on the type of business insects can be a major hindrance of your business. Vision Pest Solution has the best commercial and residential pest control services in Cedar City Utah.

Vision Pest Solutions - Pest Control Cedar City Utah

Vision Pest Solutions, a pest company offering pest control Cedar City Utah can help remove pests from your home or business. We have over 10 years of experience helping families and businesses with their pest problems. Vision Pest Solutions is licensed through the State of Utah as a pesticide applicator. Licensed applicators are trained to protect you, your family, and pets from pesticides that may be harmful to those sensitive to chemicals.

Why Choose Vision Pest Solutions for Pest Control Cedar City Utah?

When looking to find pest control in Cedar City Utah, it’s important you choose a company that you can trust, knows your area, and can provide the best possible service. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured to help protect you and your property.

We know that when it comes to pest control, what matters most is not just getting rid of the bugs but also caring for your property and customer service. And that’s why we’re proud to be the leader in Cedar City Utah pest control services. Contact us today for a free estimate on our services!

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FAQ about Vision Pest Solutions

Yes! Vision Pest Solutions provides commercial pest control services all throughout Southern Utah. If you want the best treatment for your commercial property then call now!

Vision Pest Solutions – We offer Pest Control Cedar City Utah for Spiders, Ants, Scorpions, Mice, Roaches and more. If you have these in your house give us a call to get rid of them fast. 

Yes! One of the most common types of rodents in Southern Utah is; mice and rats. If you feel like it’s time for you or your commercial property to get rid of these rodents then give us a call today.

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Pest Control Cedar City Utah

Our Mission Statement

As part of our VISION, we are on a constant mission to improve the quality of life for all of our customers by protecting your most valuable assets.

Pest Control Cedar City Utah

We Cover all of the Local Bugs and Rodents




Ants are pesky pests that can be found in many climates. They're not only a nuisance, but they can also...
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Scorpions are arachnids and they range in size from less than an inch to over eight inches long...
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Roaches are one of the most common pests in homes. They tend to feed on anything they can find...
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Spider infestation is a common problem in the United States. It can be very frustrating when these pests choose...
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Mice are pests and they can also carry diseases. One of the most common places that people have mice...
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At Vision Pest Solution, we provide the best service in town. Our team of experts will come to your home and get rid of all those pesky pests for good. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that they won’t be back anytime soon. Whether you have ants, or any other type of bug infestation, we can handle it all!

If you want to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment with one of our friendly technicians today, give us a call at 435-421-1709. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Call us now and let us help solve your pest problems once and for all!

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David and Jaysen are the best in the business. They are incredibly patient, easy to work with, and quality driven. You don’t have to worry about pests when these guys are on the job. I highly recommend them.
Most professional pest control company i have ever dealt with. very respectful and friendly service and at a great price. And will answer any questions with honesty. If I could give them a higher rating I would.
Great company! They do an amazing job servicing my home couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Jaysen Harris for making the process easy.
Pest Control Service Cedar City